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<33333333 september twenty sixteen 



TOME Shirt

Created a little bit of magic with Artisans River Bennet and Leanne Thomas.  How can one have so many creative’s around them?! I can't believe the magic we created in only a few short moments on a Tuesday afternoon. Riv came over for tea and talk with mum and I. Talking all things art and design, overwhelmed and in tears about the
creativity that comes from this world.  

Brands like Gucci and Celine are leaving us all jaw dropped as they roll out more and more originality. People like Frida Kahlo and Henri Matisse stepped out and created something different and are now heroes both in and out of the art world. A close friend, Lois has a million of the most timeless ‘little black dresses’ in every colour and cut – we are in conversation over Insta direct about what we are inspired by and always daring each other to dress more how
we really really want to.
Creativity is all around us. 

Riv and I took these photos in my back garden, I then handed them to mum who added something special. I think the flowers are a perfect expression of the outburst of creativity that is all around us and coming at us from all different directions. It can be a lot to take in and almost make us feel like we have to compete and be the best. “All eyes on us” kinda thing. But really, living that way seems like it takes away the true artist in us. You aren’t able to truly speak for yourself.

...I love how Erwin McManus translates this in his book The Artisan Soul,  “The only art we create is that which authentically reflects who we are. Our soul is the material for all we create”

Saturday wet weather cure- h&m and a heater

The weather down under has really had the better of us Aussie's. Has anyone felt like they've just been in the 1996 film Twister and survied? I was down at my local beach and I'm certain that I saw flying water (and not the rain type). It's getting hard to know how to handle it all emotionally. let alone simply knowing what to put on at 7am every morning when all I want to do is lay in bed snuggled up with the heater on high. 



I walked into h&m looking for something that would stand out - I had in mind Gucci Resort 17- something that would make people ask "what on earth is she wearing". Which is what we all were thinking when we saw the images roll out from Resort 17 right?!?! In saying that, every piece in that collection was something to stare at and I wanted it all. My pocket can only afford so much, h&m satisfied me with an alternative. Everything from basics, jeans in every array to patterns on patterns. The look below is the pattern on pattern type, worn with my Jbrand leather pants (these were to substitute for the heater that was no longer by my side).
Dress: h&m
Leather pants: Jbrand
Shoes: Common Projects


This outfit is in no way fit for a Winter's day, but I've set it aside for when the weather decides to turn its head. I'd do the same if I were you - or you'll be sweating it up in your grandma's pastel sweater. 
Top: h&m
Pants: Paige Denim
Bag and shoes: Coach


RED. I'm obsessed with this colour at the moment. Pantone 185C to be exact, I've fallen in love with it over the past few weeks. (I've just started my graphic design course, so if I talk about fonts or colours in an overly obsessive way then thats why). 
Sequins and a sexy lip bite? What more could you want in a jumper?...other than a patterned midi skirt to go with it. 
Jumper and skirt: h&m
Shoes: Golden Goose (I never take these off.... sooooo comfy)


...and finally, denim on denim on denim x forever. Never gets old or too familiar.  These baggie's are my one hit wonders and fit like a gem. Paired them with some chunky slides and something ripped. 
Jeans: h&m
Top: Bali find
Jacket: Paige Denim


made some graphics
wearing the drop waist Ellery dress - the colour of it I cannot handle- it's inspiring! 
influenced by no other than Celine S/S 2016 (love heart eyes times 10000000)