Now... This cobalt blue A.L.C Blue Peterson dress is one of my all time, dress-of-my-dreams most favourite purchases to date.
It's so easy to wear; easy & fun. 
It has a heavy, bouncy material & so I spin & twirl & disappear into a headspace unseen by anyone else but me, where I am in a ball-room doing my thing on a marbled dance floor under a crystal ball.

In sober truth, I wasn't bought on this dress at first. But the sales price & colour made me hand over my cash. Yes, it made me! & matched w these Coach brown boots (that I also bought for an obscene price) I suddenly become queen. 
Clothes worn well can make a girl feel good, my gosh!


Oh! Side note to this entry...
My silvery, alien eye make up was created by an incredible artist & friend- Anneke Knock. 
She goes by @makeupbyanneke on social media & she on not just my skin, but on so many others, has created some pretty, pretty art. 
For this look, I wanted something interesting enough but subtle. I think she nailed it.

B, x.