Darling Moss made an appearance at a Model Agencies party the Summer of 1993. She was 19 when she did so & she wore this. A transparent, silvery slip. Now at 41, it's remembered and admired. It's iconic!

I might like to stop here & awe at the fact that me being 18, was not yet born when she did this and I love it! 

She's amazing, & I hold her in highest regard for her raw, consistently effortless style. 
She can put any 1, 2, 3 or 4 items together and make them work. Always looking elegant and feminine at its best. 

Dress up this look with a summer's scarf, some slides for that 90's feel or with a big fur coat & some Isabel Marant looking booties as hot nights turn to amber-leaf cool. 



Let me tell you, when I saw this slip hanging in Zara's front window on 5th Avenue I immediately thought of Kate.
Basically, the rest is history. I took out my plastic money straight away to purchase without a second thought and soon was snapped up on Melrose Avenue in LA. 

I made the silver mine by wearing my white high top Vans, a Yankees cap & a vintage sequin jacket I found hanging in our all sorts of lovely Air B&B apartment.

Kate Moss. Even the name is wonderful. Her style, her walk inspires me in a grand way. 
I appreciate her simplistic, even plain face & the way she wears a bag and makes it a gown. 
Thank you, Darling Moss.

B, x.