For all of those with short legs I have come to the conclusion that you CAN get away with flared (well in this case slim flares)  jeans. If you in fact, match them with a killer pair of heels...Your legs will look a million miles longer I promise.
Now when I was younger and skinny jeans had just become the new ‘thing’, I told myself I would NEVER EVER wear a pair of flared jeans again. Maybe it was something about the bedazzled print on them that scared me for life. But who knows, the jewels might come back in one day.
Though yes, I kind of did agree with my 10-year-old self up until I spotted these White J Brand Flares... more boot leg I know-but I'm getting there. It's indeed only the beginning of this recycled craze. 

And here I am, prancing around in them like life has just begun.
I saw these J Brand jeans on sale and I dared myself to try them on. I almost cried in horror until I put on the heels in the change room (that are placed there to make you feel better about life itself) and I was bought.
Not only do they look great against the pink Paul Frank wall on Melrose, but I just felt plain awesome in them.

Now I’m holding out for winter to pair them with a dress and one of grandma’s jumpers.
.....Mmmm I want some hot apple cider now.


j brand white flaresCoach boots , Brandy Melville California tee