A song is about a hundred different things, that’s the beauty of it.

- Ben Howard

... That's the beauty of your song to, beautiful girl. You are made of hundreds of wonderful qualities. & it's not until you start 'singing' that you start to realize them. For me, I've chosen to sing out what I think I can do best & that's putting things together.For example, the LOVER black lace dress paired with white high top Vans & a Camilla & Marc leather jacket. 

I was gifted the dress for my 18th birthday & thought, 'how dare I only let myself get one nights wear out of this?!' It's too stunning of a dress & pricey to say the least. How could I waste this finely woven, immaculate design on just one night?!

I say, get out that 'one night, pricey dress' that you have & wear it again! With your favourite sneakers! & with a pretty jumper or denim or leather! The options are endless.
Let me hear your sound, girl.

B, x