Mr Dion Lee has come around flying high in recent years with outstanding statement collections. Quoted from Vogue Online, his pieces are described as 'modern versus classic,' 'structured versus fluid,' 'understated versus arresting' & all of this is nothing but exquisitely worded... Utterly precise!

I've drowned myself being beauty-awed by his recent Grid Pleat Playsuit in the Resort 15 collection. I admired the simplicity & structure of the piece. It's so wearable for everyday, whether that be at a social event, going shopping, or on the stroll down to the oceans shoreline. 
Once again, (damn my expensive taste!!) after seeing the price tag & considering that I indeed did not have a job nor many funds in my account... I decided I needed to, & did come up with my own 'Dion L structured playsuit.'
So, my creation ended up very pleasing to me & I also managed to incorporate the same wearability as the original. Stoked! 

This is what I did:
I zipped up my Zimmerman slit skirt above the bust, buttoned up my One Teaspoon shorts & slipped on my Senso (not Adidas) slides. 
Pretty genius, huh? 

B, x.