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Green house, wonder-filled wonderland

It's ridiculous to think that a girl might literally wear only a quarter of what's in her wardrobe over & over & then before even wearing that thing she bought that still has the tag on it, she wears that old goodie again or heaven forbid, she buys another piece new. Sometimes she may even search her mums, sisters... dads wardrobe for something because she has somehow in her mind 'nothing to wear.'

I did all of the above for this femin/man look.
After try & try again, it came together lovely & sweetly.
You have to be creative. You have to let out a sound; your sound...
I ended up buttoning up this shirt around my bust & than wrapped the arms up around the back. 
I pieced the look together with my peplum skirt from Sportsgirl & some Senso slides. 

Let your sound, speak loudly for itself and sing something new..



B xx.

I do believe in the every day girl. But the most attractive everyday girl, is the one who chooses to be her own 'she'. She has her influences, she has her wants and needs, though in all moments, she remains herself. Her 'she'

She never tried to be someone else; she simply develops her wonderful self.

Dad's shirt ,  Sportsgirl  Peplum skirt,  Senso  Slides

Dad's shirt , Sportsgirl Peplum skirt, Senso Slides