Chunky Knit ( ILoveMrMittens )// Similar Jumpers ( here ,  here ,  here ), Glasses ( Oscar Wylee ),  Vans

Chunky Knit (ILoveMrMittens)// Similar Jumpers (here, here, here), Glasses (Oscar Wylee), Vans


To my Aussie friends, 

I might start by saying... this weather is becoming a bit ridiculous!
I'm hoping you're all safe & well; all cozied up under blanket with a hot cup of herbal tea.. alright and a pack of Tim Tams. 
I'm can't lie, this has been my current situation for the past few days. I've also watched way too many seasons of a show I don't want to share the name of for the embarrassment that will flood & flow if I do. & yes, I said seasons, not episodes. I'm addicted!

If you find yourself brave enough to take on the outside world this week in that heavy wind & rain, then here is an outfit to add to the list...
A chunky knit, & I mean chunky, girl! This one is ILoveMrMittens, though you could take a look in Vinnie's (always a first option for jumpers I say!) or get your Granny to knit you something- she could/ or you could order the knitting gear and pattern piece from MANUOSH! My sweet Nan is always knitting something for her favourite Granddaughter... 
Style this with a longer dress underneath & some slip on vans or converse. 
It's easier than you think to dress well whilst keeping warm, & dry, & all the rest - like the wild brows we all love at the moment, & the hair in the wind look. 
Anyway... Look is complete. So simple & so good.

Its back to 'my show' for now, & I'll watch till sleep gets the better of me I'm sure...

BT, x.


Hi Pretty She, 

You're here to be light, bleeding out good sound to the earth. Never conform to what people 'think' of you. Surprise us! Surprise us all!

People are just waiting to hear your sound...