Dress ( Lover ) similar ( here ,  here ,  here ) Shoes ( Converse ) 

Dress (Lover) similar (here, here, here) Shoes (Converse

I titled this post CROWN HER ‘MODERN DAY’- Not only because the lacy dress styled with chucks is sheer brilliance & I’d say, COMPLETELY wearable (I dare you!) but because of the wonder-filled words beautiful Giorgia wrote.

She writes of a hunter who seeks to find beauty- in its truest form. Not the artificial kind & not the kind that never fully satisfies the cravings in this life long ride in the development of ‘self.’ No no no, Giorgia is talking about the beauty we all need to begin hunting for, the beauty that remains even when we don’t feel beautiful at all.

I believe that this true beauty you hunt for will satisfy, grow & have an outward reach to those around you. True contentment; true confidence will do that! People will start hearing your sound; the good sound in you that will need to be, once heard, promoted out from a city on a hill. Let it wash & flow over all earth, girl!

Now hunt hunt hunt!
Then darling, with all confidence, release your sound.
— Bella

Giorgia Bel  a.k.a editor for SBTS. She's stunning in every way possible & lives to create beautiful speech as each day comes. She is brave, she is strong and she is a lover of the earth; everything of it.She is absolutely one of the greatest examples of a true 'She'. 

I am a hunter of beauty & i move slow to not miss a thing. I keep the eyes wide, every fibre of every muscle sensing all wonder; this is the thrill of the hunt. I could be an expert on the life full; the beauty meat that lurks in every moment. The texture, the materials that make up timeless garment or ocean wave form or shoot & points angle in the light that streams in the window I look out of as i write this down. I hunger to taste life & the feast is grande. So I am a woman-seeker-hunter, adventurous and wonder-filled at the sights of all beauty; including you. The girls sound is becoming, as she sees; eyes widening... What a sight to behold.
— Giorgia Bel
Leather Jacket ( Muubaa ) similar ( here ,  here,   here ) 

Leather Jacket (Muubaa) similar (here, here, here