Jumper ( Jac and Jack ) Similar ( here ,  here ,  here ) Shorts (Muubaa) Similar ( here ,  here,   here ) Bag ( Karmme ) Necklace ( Samantha Wills ) 

Jumper (Jac and Jack) Similar (here, here, here) Shorts (Muubaa) Similar (here, here, here) Bag (Karmme) Necklace (Samantha Wills

"THOSE SHORTS" are basically the height of this post.
How could you not surrender your bare legs to the cold to wear them?

Basically-  I saw, I grabbed, I tried on, I took photo's ... and the rest is history. These shorts are everything and I savoured every moment I had in them at Roar in Cronulla. Paired with a wooly knit and some winter boots, set for an almost freezing day. Maybe just pack a hot water bottle in there somewhere...that would work right? 

And might I mention the super cute clutch/bag/purse/wallet/survival bag I hold. This one created by a dear friend of mine- designed and crafted in the knit of her own home. Karmme is the name of her brand- "to make calm, give peace, and free the mind" is what the beautiful word means.  She's got every colour you can think of, and has just introduced a Shibori range..that I have yet to get my hands on! And if you know me, I am never without mine- it's so completely handy for every girls busy life; made with so much love and attention to detail.
..I have four (navy, tan, pink, green)... *wide eye emoji insert here* *Indian dad shaking head in disappointment emoji insert here* 

So yeah, guess that's a wrap. I'll probably head back to bed now rather than get up and.. you know.. start the day or whatever. 

Hope you're well She, keep singing. 

Bella x







Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" 

- Coco Chanel