Basic Bassike





Everyday basic's are essential, though the everyday basic's from Bassike (to me) are a necessity. Now besides the price tag, what they come up with is pure brilliance- simple, well structured and go with any occasion. & they only use organic fabric- Now I know these days everything 'organic' seems to be no different to the non organic apples you buy at the supermarket. Though their organic cotton range of wear feels like heaven has touched the earth- feels like you're actually wearing a simple tee made by Jesus himself. Both piece's I'm wearing (besides the hat) are by Bassike from a couple seasons back. Now, if you can't throw money towards the original price I 100% recommend going to their annual warehouse sale. Most of my pieces from there were bought at a faction of the priced- and because they are so basic, it never goes out of trend / fashion / season. ...worth your money-rather than a seasonal piece that you'll try your hardest to sell on eBay in three months. 


bee tee dubs, the drop crotch phase has taken me by full swing and I won't be fading away from it anytime soon. Whether it's a pant / jean / short it's one of my most loved trends- so if I'm posting too much of that- then just hit me a message and I'll move that message to trash. xx Though, if they're not your thing- just replace with a skinny cropped jean (for future ref).


*bella RAW*- my unedited words 

BEE TEE DUBS x2, these awesome graphics were masterfully created Jackson Todd. To check out more of his incredible designs see his Instagram page.
It's legit. 

Photography by Luisa Brimble