Top (Zara), Jeans (White Jbrand), Shirt (Ksubi)

Top (Zara), Jeans (White Jbrand), Shirt (Ksubi)

Oh Autumn. The months when leaves turn golden & flutter downward, & the people start retreating to under bed covers for the Winter. 

Many try to go for those early morning beach runs, though the ones who are obviously smarter (people like myself) realise there's not much point when you're going to be laying up in clothes for the next three months anyway. No bodies going to see that extra layer of skin!
It's also that time of year where it's just busy upon busy. I know my life at the moment consists of classes two days a week, work three days a week, & a weekend filled with trying to meet with friends to maintain a social life & finishing assignments for class the next day. 

I guess you could say there isn't too much space to just stop, & breathe. Though, I'm learning to love this fast paced life. It's getting me places & I'm learning to live in every moment. Yes, learning to live in the moment- as that exact moment will never ever be available to me again. 
A friend tells me "Don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow, do not worry about tomorrow at all, for tomorrow will worry about itself." 
I remember this to keep myself in every moment & to furthermore not take the moments for granted!

Side note...
What I'm wearing is more about the aesthetic than the productivity. Nevertheless, I'd completely wear this out, though I know some wouldn't- it's my kinda vibe- my kinda sound. 
We all have a different one. What would you dare to wear? 
Yes! The garment in your drawers that you see in your minds eye right now! 
Don't just put it on for your mirror... Wear it out. Be daring this day, She.

B x.

Photography Luisa Brimble 
Editor Giorgia Bel
Make-up Anneke Knock