Daring darling

Vest (  Free People ) Pants ( bassike ) Similar ( here ,  here ,  here ) Shirt ( bassike ) Similar ( here ,  here )

Vest ( Free People) Pants (bassike) Similar (here, here, here) Shirt (bassike) Similar (here, here)

Are you the kind of girl that loves comfort & ease while still looking like you 'tried' in a happy-go-lucky sort of way, then the regular skin tight skinny jeans is a miss. It must, must go. Cheerio!

& if you've tried to train your body into thinking they are comfortable then you've never stepped into a pair of drop crutch pants... In particular, these grey cashmere's..

These may look to you like your PJ pants when paired with a simple tee, but when paired with something shiny or a killer pair of bootie heels, you've got the package of comfort & that you 'tried' look nailed! 

Ah, & how could I not mention the rose gold vest?...

I bought it off of Free People online for a very special price. This daring darling is one of the best statement pieces I have. 

We 'she's' should all have a piece that stands out from the rest- whether it's shiny or it's colourful amongst your otherwise organized monotone wardrobe. 'She be the Sound' can live in your happy-go-lucky outfits. This vest & my dropped crutch pants are living louder than ever in mine! 


B, x


Photography: Luisa Brimble 

Editor: Giorgia Bel 

Make Up: Anneke Knock