White hearts run wild

Hey She, 

Wearing one of my all time favourite brands, Ellery. I saw a documentary about Kym Ellery; a film shadowing her every move over the three days leading up to her first Paris show. I was overwhelmed by her drive and passion to continue pursing her dream, amongst all the pressure and demand of what Paris, I'm guessing, would hold. 

"She’s risen up from the one to watch to the one everyone wants.."

and now look at her, in 2013 Kym was invited to show at Paris fashion week- the third Australian designer in TWENTY YEARS!! And yes I’m sure the price tag will have you looking away in seconds, but before that just take a moment, maybe a second to recognise it’s beauty, it’s craft, where it’s come from; the mind it was formed in. 



I say be you, no one else can do a better job at that than you! 
Seek / hunt to be inspired every single day by what it means it be a women; a hunter for true beauty. The beauty and grace filled strength we hold to possess. Trust yourself, as you know you best. Start singing louder!! the song you’re truly supposed to sing.



*my unedited words "bella raw" 

Dress ( Ellery ) Similar ( here ,  here ,  here ) Boots (  Beau Coops ) Similar ( here ,  here ,  here )

Dress (Ellery) Similar (here, here, here) Boots ( Beau Coops) Similar (here, here, here)

Photography by Luisa Brimble