Coat (asos)  ..bought this last year so similar options/ what I love are ( here ,  here ,  here ,  here )

Coat (asos) ..bought this last year so similar options/ what I love are (here, here, here, here)

Lace /leis/ noun
1.a fine open fabric of cotton or silk, made by looping, twisting, or knitting thread in patterns.

Lace is all wonderful. I've always had a deep lusty-love for it!

It's always different; never the same- every thread twisted into form is unique. Texture so good & garment produced spectacular- just like you precious She. There is no one like you- you were twisted, woven, created to be you & nobody could wear you like you do... So live in a way that speaks what you love. It'll be spectacular! Wrap and manipulate your clothes to the way you'd truly like to wear them, being truest you. You'll be all wonderful, She.

Getting my mitts on this dress, I found it hard to let go (this garment leant to me by wolfeandordance).  I, wanting to teach a She how to make something her own. How to make something that many other girls may wear, original for her- your own. 

With this dress I ditched the slip, added my ASOS lilac coat (look 1) and my white Jbrand's (look 2). The coat was a great buy! I wore it all around New York. It kept me snug in the unheard-of negative numbers for NSW, Australia, so it was definitely suitable with just a t-shirt underneath for this Australian winter and the jeans - to be honest I took a risk in these... I dared myself. I'm loving all white at the moment so I ended up loving the two together! 'Jeans & Dress'' seems to be the next thing... or maybe I'm just still trying to wear a dress in Winter... I was warm... I think it makes it right ;)...

B, x.

Photography Luisa Brimble 
Assistant Photographer Hannah Maccowatt
Make Up Anneke Knock 
Editor Giorgia Bel