The Wilderness

off the soulder top:  Nicholas  SIMILAR:  here ,  here  &  here

off the soulder top: Nicholas SIMILAR: here, here & here

Positano - Italy,  2008

Positano - Italy,  2008

The Wilderness- an uncultivated, uninhabited by humankind & inhospitable region...

It echoes 'CONFRONTING!' does it not? Being amongst everything & absolutely nothing- especially in days like these...Our large/ tiny lives revolve around going-going-going. In todays world we've accepted so many things; going out for dinner with a loved one, with only our phones out while we connect with all the other invisible-on-screen people sitting with us, listening to music in the car or on the train/ bus because we aren't able to live in silence or those awkward moments... Or have a conversation with someone who COULD HAVE BEEN OUR NEW BEST FRIEND or don't forget to snapchat/ Instagram/ Facebook your whole work-out to all your friends (guilty).

Now I'm not trying to say that all the above scenarios are down right evil, but we all need that time to get alone in the wilderness. So much is learnt in that space; so much is heard that can't be heard in the get-go of life. 

There is a sound in the silence that must be waited upon until realised; until renewed to calm after life's rush... a brush of comfort within much chaos & confusion. It is for me that if I hadn't gotten away & journeyed through the silent-sound-place, I would have continued to go around in another circle like I'd do while walking with my eyes shut. A whirlwind of thoughts, possibility come to one when they sit still & listen to silence; when they create around themselves a silent-sound space & moment...

Don't miss the opportunity. Don't hide away & tell yourself you're okay when you're still in circling, circling.

Get away & run to the wilderness to hear what you need to move on & move forward. 

On the other side of the wilderness is clarity.  There is more of all things good.

....because, on the other side of The Wilderness is greatness.  

All photography by Nadia Ho

Graphics by meeeeee

Editor Giorgia Bel