Bella & Josie

bella & josie... What a beautiful kind of human these two are. Bella (on the right), living beyond her years with the mind & heart of someone who should have ventured much, much further than she physically has. Her mind seeks not only to challenge the world she lives in, & not just her bubble world, but profoundly change the world for all. Yes, she might be one of seven billion, though she is one of seven billion who will always pursue to live a life for others & always stand boldly in what she believes. It's seriously admirable! Bella reads books thicker than I've probably ever seen & knows more about the science of the world than I ever will... She is determined to make a difference & honey, you're already are!

Josie. Now this lady is what you'd call Bambi in real life & the nicest person on planet! She would never say a bad word about anyone (I've never heard a snitch) & she sees only the best in every moment. She sees things deeply & my it is stunning to pick apart her views on things. Jos will only wear neutral colours with a pop of aqua, turquoise or red lip & when she sings... It's theoroputic, I swear!

These two beauties of mine are not too dissimilar & when I styled them in the Lenni the label Damsel blue denim, I was convinced, thoroughly convinced! They must have been separated at birth...... I joke, but they just looked exquisite when paired. With their locks of similar hues & numbers of freckles on skin, they became a special kind of twins. 
End note: These two are singing louder than ever! They are 'She's' with a light that will not grow dim. Oh no! no! no!

Introducing bella & josie..

Wearing Lenni the label from  wolfeandordnance  (they just opened up a new store in Surry Hills on Crown Street)

Wearing Lenni the label from wolfeandordnance (they just opened up a new store in Surry Hills on Crown Street)

Photogaphy Luisa Brimble 
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