Adidas  x Rita Ora ,  Zara ,  Miu Miu // Soho, Manhattan 

Adidas x Rita Ora , Zara, Miu Miu// Soho, Manhattan 


My travels to New York City was a dream that birthday'ed into life after I graduated high school end of last year. 
NYC's people, fashion, it's bricks buildings were palaces to me... Even the pigeon lady I saw from Home Alone... I said it once but I have to again... New York City was all I had dreamt it would be. 

I shared the trip with my mother & best friend Miranda.
As most would do on vacation, we ate too much & spent too, too much. 

My favourite spot was Soho. 
There was something spectacular & alluring indeed about its pebbled streets & hide-out Chinese eateries, the unheard of boutiques that we pretended we had the money to step inside of & felt a rush of high fashion adrenaline for having just breathed in fine leather wears unique structure & daring cut.
The Rita Ora collection from Adidas originals made my heart beat loudly. I bought an outfit that I'll one day be brave enough to wear... As I develop into more of the 'she' I know I can be as I learn & mature as a woman... But for right now, I bought an Adidas crop to pair with what I have titled in my wardrobe as 'My Kate Moss Silver Slip' as it captures the essence of me for this time in my life, I believe. It was from Zara on 5th along with my trusted purple NB's.
Oh, & forget me not, my MUI MUI's.
I love the new & classic look paired together. Wearing something fancy in a way that makes it casual & wearable for anytime is a very wonderful thing... Like when Carrie in Sex & The City rocks her tutu down the street in Abu Dhabi. Yum.

This is now to sum up my thoughts.
You & I. Eating bagels with either cream cheese or Vegemite depending on what hemisphere we're in... Also yum. 

B x.

Adidas  x Rita Ora ,  Zara ,  Miu, Miu // Soho, Manhattan

Adidas x Rita Ora , ZaraMiu, Miu// Soho, Manhattan